Just Start Writing.


Blogging? Me? Sure!

Ok then, Where to begin, how about the beginning.

Jim, my husband and I set out some 15 years ago to create a store that was authentically about Napa, filled with artisan-made gifts, food and experiences the way it should be for everyone.  Now, 15 years later I get a glimpse of a lifestyle filled with many things that celebrate living in this wine country called Napa.

A lot of talk to get me to this point and now I am almost ready to start…so bear with me a bit, as we venture down a path hopefully filled with FUN (capital letters fun), lots of different people, places and things that are good.

How I got into this to begin with …

Napa General Store is to me, my second child without the cute, kissable little face.    It suffered more than a few years of colic in its beginnings and those terrible two’s lasted at least 6 years.  You know the stories where everyone is walking to school uphill in both directions in 6ft of snow, no shoes…that was Napa General Store in a nutshell.

Bound and determined to see this baby at the table if it was the last thing that I did…okay, I’ll admit it I am a bit tenacious (ok, Really Stubborn) Irish woman… so, 15 years later, we are finally at the table, still learning everyday, but, now with time able to share some old stories and keep making new ones.  Two things I have learned, always keep it real and find & keep (re-set when you need to) your passion.  Therein is an authentic life and it is good.


Napa, such a beautiful spot and when I first moved here (1999) and knew less than nothing about wine I was advised by my husband of a great place to start my education…and so, I did.  I arrived at Cakebread Cellars with a lot of heart and not a clue.  At the end of my first 8 hour shift, I knew I was in over my head, but, remember I am tenacious and I could rise to the occasion.  I enrolled at Napa Valley College. grabbed a few library books on the history of Napa Valley and never looked back. Soon, I was delivering the public tour at Cakebread Cellars sharing some of the Cakebread’s stories (Jack and Delores and the boys) how they got their start (which is a really good story by the way), dodging the science teachers’s questions and starting to have a really FUN time.

Here is where I really began to learn about wine, the NV people (and people) and this beautiful valley.  I would talk all day with folks that simply could not get enough of this place called Napa.  They would’ve gushed all day, everyday and I lived here. Crazy.

So I begin this blogging adventure, and with the new year I look forward to sharing my ‘Authentically Napa’ lifestyle, perspective and travels with you all.

Happy Holidays!